About me

Genius, billionaire playboy, philanthropist.
Well, ok, maybe not the last three things.

Born on 28 August 1996 in Parma, Italy, Inazuma has always stood for his brilliant and volcanic mind, his wit, his genius. A lacked impartially individual could almost define him on an astral plane inconceivable for normal human beings.
But these are just buzzwords.

As a child he had a thing for the making of stories, immaginary universes populated by creatures from his and the collective imagination.

Driven by a growing interest for dubbing, in July 2013 he decided to create a YouTube channel in which post his future work.
To this day his mostly known series are the amateur dubbings of Death Note Abridged (original work of CharlestonVO) and Hellsing Ultimate Abridged (original work of Team Four Star). In addition to fandubs, the channel serves as crucible of his passion, most notably that for comic and animation.

As it grows his knowledge of the media, he decides to go into writing in first person a comic series.
This leads to Criminal Agency, ongoing since September 29, 2013.

​And that’s just the beginning…

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