Become a cartoonist is an objective came into my life for some years now.
Unfortunately draw has never been my passion (unless the definition includes drawing scribbles), so I have to learn on the work of artists.
So, there you go an overview of my comics, result of collaboration between me and other artists (although only one for the moment).

To visit the respective pages, click on the images.


My very first script.
An ongoing series about unscrupulous criminals committed in their… Daily activities, ranging from murders to… Well, mostly murders. But not only!
Draws of Agnese Sangiorgio (Nes Art).



My second complete script, this time a short self-contained story, but who leaves open the possibility of a sequel.
Publication will begin shortly.
Draws are still of Agnese Sangiorgio.


Blood Hunters

A fantasy series, with travels, fightings, an healthy amount of violence, pretty mad protagonists and a little of magic.
The project is at an early stage, isn’t yet agreement the artist name.


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